Billing Policies – Refunds, Fees, Etc.

Third Party Billing

We use a third party billing software for our site, namely Braintree.  We are very concerned with your privacy and do not store any of your financial information.  If you have any concerns regarding paying your rent online, please contact us at

Refunds/Return Policy

Our website is available to you as a resource for managing your account and paying your rent online.  Any refunds or other billing issues will be handled by the management company directly.  Please do not contact our third party billing partner for refunds or any other financial manner.  For any billing inquiries, please contact your property manager or the management company directly at

Convenience Fee

In order to process financial transactions online, the payment processors charge a fee.  In order for us to accept your rent payments online, this fee will be passed onto you and added onto your rent payments.  Though this fee may change, you will be notified of any future changes.  For the current time, the convenience fee is 3.5%.