Intent to Terminate Contract

In regards to terminating your contract, you have two options.

1) SELL YOUR CONTRACT. Most of our tenants are able to sell their contracts, and this is the cheapest and easiest method of termination. Selling your contract will require a $70 transfer fee, and you can pay an additional $50 fee for us to advertise your opening. Any potential new tenant must apply through our online process, be approved to rent (which can take up to 5 days), and sign a contract with us. We will then fill out a termination of lease agreement, and have a check-out performed on your unit. Once this is all complete, you will be released from your contract and after full processing, you will be refunded your security deposit.

2) TERMINATE USING 120 DAY NOTICE. If you wish to use section 23-D of the BYU Student-Landlord rental agreement to be released from your contract due to Serving a Mission, Graduation, Marriage, or a graduation-required internship, this document will count as your 120-day notice. You will then be required to provide the necessary official documentation (mission call, graduation certificate, marriage certificate, or notice of internship on department letterhead) to validate your claim for the 120-day notice. You will be required to pay rent for the entire 120 days, and you also agree to forfeit your security deposit.

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    Reason for Termination
    Selling Contract*Military DutyCatastrophic Loss/Serious IllnessMarriage**Mission Call**Graduation**Internship**

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    Do you want us to advertise your opening ($50 fee applies for those selling their contract)

    (often tenants will pay the last month's rent or security deposit of the incoming tenant to help sell their contract. If you would like to offer any kind of incentives, please list them below.)


    *There is a $70 transfer fee for selling your contract (If you later decide not to sell after submitting this form, there is still a $30 processing fee).

    **If you intend to leave your contract due to a mission call or marriage, or for a BYU graduation or required internship you are required to give the landlord 120 days notice. This form qualifies as that written notice.