Our Services

For Our Tenants

Our first priority is making sure that each of our tenants has a worry-free, hassle-free and pain-free housing experience.  We are a family-run business, and our intent is to do our best to treat you like family.  Here are some highlights of what we have put in place to make things easier on you, our valued tenants:

  • 100% Online Rental Application and Contract Signing (no need to come to our office)
  • 100% Online Payments – Make paying rent easy by using Venmo, with no fees!  We also accept eCheck or Credit Card via PayPal
  • Keypad door locks, to allow you quick and easy access to your unit, and to prevent lost/stolen keys and replacement fees.
  • Online Portal for all tenants that includes:
    • Contract Signings – we make it easy for you to upload documents, and sign your contract entirely online.
    • Apartment Keypad Combination (never lost your combination again, it’s in your portal!).
    • Maintenance Requests – fill out a simple form and get a quick response.
    • Account Balance checks – see what the current charges are on your account, or see your payment history
    • Links to pay your rent through Paypal or Venmo
  • Friendly and courteous property managers
  • A personal “1-on-1” approach to your individual situation and needs

For Our Owners

We are excited to welcome new property owners into our management family.  We are a family-based management business located between the UVU and BYU student communities.  We take our property management work very seriously and are focused on delivering quality service to you in a timely manner.  This includes the following services:

  • Local Advertising
  • Prospective Tenant Screening
  • Prospective Tenant Tours/Information
  • Signing New Contracts
  • Move In/Move Outs
  • Cleaning Checks
  • Online Rental Management (with owner login for summary information)
  • Rent Collection (with direct deposit into owners bank account)
  • Rental Policy Enforcement
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs/Renovations (at the owners request & paid by the owner)
  • Emergency Services
  • Tenant Complaints/Issues
  • BYU/UVU Rental Compliance
  • All Local Licensing and Communication

Pricing for these services varies from 6-9% based on the number of units contracted, services desired and other details.  If you are interested in getting a quote for having us manage your property, please email us at properties@myprovoproperty.com.